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It's the end of May and Deakin continues to disadvantage its students with a poorer grading scheme than other Victorian universities including Melbourne University and Monash University*

The only change we're granted is that FAILS (NA, NB, NC, XN, WN) not to be added to the WAM, while they'll STILL be recorded on your academic transcript, for your graduate employers to see.

If achieve a PASS or higher, but perform poorer than your previous semesters, your WAM will STILL take a hit, impacting your graduate opportunities.

That's why we're proposing a COMPREHENSIVE AND FAIR amendment to the scheme, whereby:

1. Every student can choose WHICH of their T1 unit marks contribute to their WAM/GPA AFTER results release**

2. Supplementary assessment criteria be EXPANDED to 40-49, with no cap on how many supplementaries you may be granted

3. Existing hurdle thresholds be lowered to 40, INCLUDING end of T1 exams

These changes will benefit all students regardless of their current academic performance and fairly compensate for the tumultuous social and academic landscape this semester has been. 


*see the UniMelb response here:  and the Monash response here

**in the case that this point is denied, we will be satisfied with students' choice of whether ALL or NONE of their T1 units contribute to WAM/GPA AFTER results release.