Change to Durham University Assesment in light of COVID-19 Pandemic.

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We recognise that by moving teaching and assessments online, the University is attempting to maintain relatively uninterrupted educational provision; however, the adjustments currently in place are insufficient in these exceptional circumstances. 

Exams and Assessments should become optional for final year and Exchange/Erasmus+ university students at Durham University, and postponed for second-year students. During this time of worry and uncertainty, students cannot be expected to concentrate fully on their academic studies and may not have access to the resources necessary to complete essays and assignments to the best of their abilities, particularly where access to archive materials or specialist facilities is impossible due to Government self-distancing and self-isolation recommendations.

A move to online teaching and assessment is not sufficient, as it cannot replace face-to-face teaching and the University cannot ensure that the proposed online exams are sat fairly, thus compromising their value. These online provisions are particularly unsatisfactory given the disruption caused by Union strikes throughout this academic year- we have not received the education we are paying for!  Some students may wish to submit their assignments as originally planned but given this unprecedented public-health crisis, they should also have the option either to graduate with their current grades or to postpone their exams and/or assignments if they wish to improve their grade at a later date. 
(Taken from a similar petition at the University of York)