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Repeal Ordinance #14375

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We, the undersigned, petition the city of Durham, NC to repeal Ordinance #14375.

By pushing solicitors out of sight, the aforementioned ordinance severely limits valuable members of our community in their attempt to gain necessary means of survival. This ordinance further isolates those who are already marginalized and struggling, making them all but invisible to the public eye. Disregarding, perpetuating, and ignoring poverty is not an acceptable way to build up our community.

We demand that the Durham City Council repeal Ordinance #14375 and recognize that its self-acclaimed vision (“…providing an excellent and sustainable quality of Life”) encompasses all people in Durham.

**Please take the time to look at the full text of the ordinance, which can be found here.  

A few of the key issues within the ordinance include prohibitions against "sitting, standing, and walking on medians" (section 1), being "on an access ramp" (line 169), and being "within 100 feet of [a] bridge" (lines 170-171).  Additionally, solicitors must be "on one-way street" (line 97), they must stand "on a paved sidewalk" (line 85), and what is recieved must be from, "a passenger (not the driver)...on the right-hand side of the motor vehicle."  

These changes make nearly all places where men and women currently solcit illegal. Only a few inconvienent and unprofitable places remain.**

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