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Hey there fellow Durangatangs.... I am asking you to please help save a piece of our History. This very cool statue/ sign has been here since before I was born. I have known many Native Americans in this area and believe it or not Durango used to be much more welcoming to them and their culture.  I have amazing family photos of Fiesta Days  (remember or even know what that is? Maybe not becauseDurango is trying to run that off too) where HUNDREDS of Native Americans would come to town , camp at St. Columba Park and spend their time in town spending their money at our businesses. Durango has embraced its Native heritage for a long time and this statue does not represent a racist way of living. With so much hate and chaos in our nation right now, we do not need to create our own just to get on the so called "bandwagon." I urge you to talk to your friends that LIVE HERE, speak to the Toh-atin Gallery and ask how many remarks they may get from actual Native Americans that are offended.  We are a diverse town with Spanish, Mexican and Native American influences... we need to APPRECIATE this, not ERASE IT. Thank you for your time and support.