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Duquesne Students Deserve a Buss Pass Option

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On behalf of the Duquesne University students who want to explore Pittsburgh, go grocery shopping, or visit a friend at a different college campus without having to pay $2.50 for every bus ride or empty your pockets for an expensive Uber fare, this petition will hopefully benefit you in the future; here's why. Traveling around the city was quite a hassle for me during my first few weeks of college: $5.00 for roundtrip bus ride here, $8.00+ for an Uber ride there. I can't stress how much money transportation will cost in the long run at this rate. The money spent on Transportation adds up every time you want or need to go off campus! I had researched this topic on Pittsburgh's bus transportation website (Port Authority) and Duquesne University is the only inner-city college not offered any type of bus pass or discount from the institution whatsoever. Since we are all paying large amounts of money to get a higher education like Pitt, RMU, CMU, Chatham, Carlow, Point Park, and the Everest Institute, we deserve some leeway when it comes to city bus travel.

Aside from the money aspect, venturing off campus on foot could be dangerous since we are located downtown. Having the comfort of being on a vehicle is worth having a bus pass for. When it's cold and snowing out, how does the university expect us to get to the nearest grocery store, which is CVS, a 1 mile walking distance, when we have to purchase something necessary like medicine, food, or hygiene supplies that our campus market doesn't offer? Sometimes walking, taking the weekend loop bus, or purchasing an Uber isn't the greatest option for our student body based on where we are located and what we need.

We Duquesne students can save the money and stress due to inefficient transportation if Duquesne University considers giving their students the option of a bus pass, like other universities in this area have already implemented.

Here's to bettering our transportation. It's time we start being innovative.

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