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Dunnes Stores allows groups/charities to fundraise at its checkout areas - volunteers put customers' groceries into bags and get a donation in return. However, Dunnes has, without apology or explanation, banned animal groups from its stores. Dunnes has struck a cruel and damaging blow to Ireland's cash-strapped animal groups who, in difficult economic times, are desperately trying to continue their work for the many abandoned and abused animals.



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Letter to
Dunnes Stores Ireland
Your decision to ban animal groups from fund-raising at your stores has struck a cruel and damaging blow to Ireland's animal rescuers and protectors.

Dunnes makes a huge profit out of animals through the sale of pet foods and accessories. It is time to give something back.

Cash-strapped animal groups all across Ireland are struggling to continue rescuing and caring for abandoned and abused animals. Don't deny them the important source of income that fundraising at your stores can bring.

Kindly reverse your ban on fundraising animal groups

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