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Let's Make Dunkirk High School Lunch Better

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As we all know, over the past 3 years although I'm sure people who were at the highschool longer have seen it go on much longer than that, have noticed that the Dunkirk Highschool lunches have been recently bad. Sometimes it's about the quality, sometimes it's about the lack of options or even more recently the lack of food. I have noticed that there isn't really anything to choose from or when we go to look for sides there is none. I have actually recently seen people cry over being so hungry because there isn't much to eat. I wouldn't want to shame Dunkirk so bad or anything of that sort, but seeing the lunch be this bad lately is sort of sad. I have even been slightly hungry after lunch too because if you don't get in the line early enough there is likely to be nothing left. I'm sure all of us as students of Dunkirk High School can agree we would like a change of some sort. So please I encourage you if there is anything that you feel could be changed please sign this or even comment a change you would like to see. I hope we can reach this goal and have a better lunch. Don't forget to share with anyone in the school you may know to make this go far!! (Picture is from 3 years ago, I don't have a recent one because our school has a strict no phone policy sorry. But it is a legitimate picture from my school. I'd untouched vegetarian beans, celery, half cooked ham and cheese calzone.  Ty) 

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