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Dunhill Partners: Repair and Restore the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center

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Despite  years of complaints from residents, owners of the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, Dunhill Partners, have allowed the Center  to deteriorate into an unsightly and dangerous condition for workers and patrons alike.  Debris from damaged and rotting roofing tiles endanger people walking below.  The uneven and cracked sidewalks covered with trash are an added hazard for people to contend with.  Just as hazardous is the Center's parking lot  Lines for parking stalls are fading so people have to figure out where to park.  Faded directional arrows cause people to go in the wrong direction.  Dangerous potholes cover the parking lot causing damage to cars and injury to people who accidentally step into them.    Especially at risk are the disabled and elderly who shop  at the shopping center or who have appointments at the Queen's Medical Clinic.  Having to navigate through the maze of cracks and holes in the parking lot and sidewalks is an extra challenge for the disabled and elderly.    The shopping center is not a disabled friendly place as some of its disabled accessible parking stalls aren't in compliance with regulation and pose an additional risk to patrons with disabilities.  Security is almost non-existent, allowing vagrants and the homeless to loiter in and around the shopping center.  At night, poor lighting conditions places the safety and security of people, who work at or frequent the shopping center, at risk.    A once pleasant and safe shopping center has now morphed into a dangerous eyesore.  The two  nearby shopping centers in Hawaii Kai (Koko Marina and The Hawaii Kai Town Center) have both  renovated and repaved their entire parking lot.  At 2.5 stars, the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center consistently has the lowest yelp rating of the three shopping centers in Hawaii Kai. 

For the safety of the general public, employees of the shopping center,  patients of the Queen's Medical Clinic and people with disabilities, the entire parking lot needs to be repaved and the cracks in the sidewalks repaired and painted.  Parking stall lines and directional arrows need to be repainted to avoid accidents, vehicular or pedestrian. Accessible parking for the disabled needs to be brought into compliance with regulations.  Roof tops on many buildings need to be repaired for safety as well as aesthetic reasons.  For the safety and security of people visiting and working at the shopping center at night, lighting needs to be improved as well as the presence of security personnel. 

The Hawaii Kai Shopping Center is an embarrassment and a danger to the community and Dunhill Partners needs to cure the above deficiencies or sell it to someone who will.

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