Patch/Update Dungeon Defenders

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This petition is intended to see how many people still actively play DD and want Trendy to know how much we still would like to see the original game patched and at the very least get the additional ranked content promised us in the "Map contest 3"


A while back the question was posed as to what we as a community would like to see fixed or added to DD in these threads:


There were lots of really good ideas to enhance DD and fix some known issues with the game that so many of us love so much. Of course there are some that no doubt will be impossible to implement or fix but others for sure have got to be doable. It would be good as well to let Trendy know that "you" still want the game given the attention it so rightly deserves to make it better and whether or not you would be willing to fork over some dough for it, I know I would :)


Also some seem to not like older, not old or dead threads being posted in, so lets use a new thread to let it be known that we want Etheria to be the best it can be. Sound off with your take on the issue and offer up any new ideas for whatever else you would like to see added or fixed in DD.


A few things that would be nice to be seen fixed in DD: (From a post by ddace :) See page 3 Post 30 this thread Trendy )

Easy Fixes That should take hardly any effort to address

All together I would bet these would take less than a day to fix, probably even less than an hour but not completely sure.

-Increase mana bank limit to 2 billion when selling gear

-Ability to make 2 billion mana token

-Increase shop and Inventory space for when you get all achievements

-Add Pristine armor as possible reward for Lab Assault

-Ability to start on level 33 of survival

-Fix the "Get" button link for Tinker's Lab DLC. It currently points to Etherian Holiday I believe and confuses many new people thinking that have the right DLC already.

-Replace outdated info when loading DD with links to helpful parts of the forum.


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