Dump The Trump Name

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Dump The Trump Name

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Equity Residential David Neithercut

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Started by Linda Gottlieb

Please join and support residents who are embarrassed to be living in buildings with the name “Trump Place” blazoned in front.

We believe that:

·      Trump’s appalling treatment of women, his history of racism, his attacks on immigrants, his mockery of the disabled, his tax avoidance, his outright lying -- all are antithetical to the values we and our families believe in.

·      Many of the staff members of our building are minorities or immigrants; working in a building bearing his name is insulting to them.

·      Since Trump leases his name to buildings he does not own, part of our rent is being used to increase Trump’s net worth.

·      Just as celebrities have their endorsements rescinded for bad behavior,  Equity Residential should rescind its leasing arrangement with Donald Trump, whose behavior has surely tarnished the Equity Residential brand.

·      Our home is our most personal private space, a building we should feel proud and happy to walk into every day…  So….


Please sign this petition, share on social media (#DumpTheTrumpName), share with your friends and together we can effect change! 

Linda Gottlieb, Robert Tessler & Brian Dumont      

Residents of 160 Riverside Blvd, New York City



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This petition had 816 supporters

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