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Petitioning New Jersey Governor

Dump Frack Waste in New Jersey? Absolutely Not! Let’s Move S253 and A575!

NJ Governor: Sign the  Frack Waste Ban Bill to Protect NJ Citizens

New Jersey’s Frack Waste Ban Bill S253/A575 has passed  both the Senate and House in New Jersey!   Now we need to have NJ Governor Chris Christie sign this important legislation into law.  

Tell him you are counting on them to provide the Legislature with the opportunity to keep toxic frack waste out of our water and communities. 

For more information on waste from hydraulic fracturing go to:

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Letter to
New Jersey Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: the NJ Legislature Members

The NJ egislature has passed important legislation to ban frack waste in the state of NJ (S253/A575). This was a bipartisan vote to protect the citizens of New Jersey from harmful chemicals that come from natural gas drilling.

Please take a moment to contact NJ Governor Chris Christie now to urge him to sign this overwhelming supported bipartisan legislation into law.

Tell him:
Please do not allow waste from hydraulic fracturing for natural gas to be treated, discharged, disposed, or stored in New Jersey. Frack waste is highly toxic and will pollute our water and communities.

New Jersey’s waste facilities are not designed to safely process this hazardous material.

There are no federal standards for how to safely treat frack wastewater and New Jersey has no specific regulations either. Dumping this waste in New Jersey will result in pollution to our rivers, groundwater and communities, directly harm human health, and can damage public infrastructure and private businesses that rely on quality water to operate. It can drive up the cost of treating our drinking water to safe standards, costing us as ratepayers and taxpayers. This is pollution we cannot afford.

Thank you for standing up for clean water and healthy communities.

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