Dulwich Estates to behave reasonably, and charge reasonable rents

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Dulwich Estates to behave reasonably, and charge reasonable rents

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Dulwich Estates are charging very high rents, and are increasing rents for local businesses by 70%.

Some of those businesses are only just finding their feet after the devastating floods that hit Herne Hill two years ago, and are now being priced out by the landlords.

We in Herne Hill want to protect our shops and local businesses. We are a thriving community and want it to stay this way, not to become another machigh street filled with the big brands that can afford such high rents.

Dulwich Estates are a charity yet they appear to be acting like a rapacious landlord. They do not appear to be engaging with, or acting in the interests of the local community.

We ask you to put people ahead of profit and consider the impact your rent rises will have on the surrounding area. Act like a responsible landlord and support your local community. Engage with us, and give us the rantionale for these incredible rent rises. Be answerable to the community you have such an impact on.

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