Expanding Dufferin County Forest User Groups

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During 2020, the County of Dufferin is developing a new five-year operating plan for the 1,066 hectare (2,636 acre) Dufferin County Forest. They have asked for community input.  We are hoping that with this plan the County will allow dirt bikes to use at least one of the tracts.

Neighbouring counties e.g Simcoe Country Forests, have been successful with allowing bicyclists, hikers, horseback riders, and motorized vehicles to share the forests.  We are hoping that Dufferin will do the same.   

Currently there is NO designated area that Dufferin Country residents can legally ride dirt bikes.  A controlled area would allow safe, limited use by dirt bikes by our keen all-ages community riders.

Snowmobiles are permitted to use limited areas of our forest in winter and dirt bikes are actually quieter. The average sound of a dirt bike is 96 decibels vs 100 decibels of a snowmobile. That is even quieter than a leaf blower. Noise emission from users is something that can be controlled. All users would need to be licensed and members of the Ontario off-road Trail Association, to ensure compliance.

We, the Dufferin Rooftop Recreational Riders Association,  are optimistic that we can successfully share our spectacular forests with all users spring, summer, and fall.  

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