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WE the undersigned Penn State Alumni, Former Football Players, Staff, Faculty, Members of the Board, Students, Supporters, and Fans seek Due Process for Penn State and Joe Paterno for 1998 against the faulty findings of the Freeh Indictment.   


1) The Freeh Investigation used the Grand Jury Testimony and Presentment at the express request of  Attorney General Linda Kelly instead of interviewing the principals in the Sandusky matter at Penn State. This clearly shows that the Freeh Report was not a fair and impartial investigation of all the facts but an extension of the prosecutions indictment with no cross examination or exculpatory evidence sought or included.   

2) The Freeh Report clearly failed to establish that Joe Paterno nor any Penn State administrator or employee had anything to do with the decision in 1998 by the PA Dept of Public Welfare (DPW) and the District Attorney of Centre County PA that concluded Jerry Sandusky did not commit any criminal or sexually inappropriate act.  

3) The DPW and DA’s conclusion that no criminal or sexually inappropriate behavior on the part of Jerry Sandusky occurred on Penn State property in the 1998 investigation means there was nothing appropriate Joe Paterno or any Penn State administrator could have or should have done when not informed by law of any inquiry.    

Therefore The Freeh Report is in error in concluding that Joe Paterno should have informed the Board of Trustees, his staff or anyone else about the conclusions of the 1998 investigation of which he was not informed. The purpose of that law is to insure that no innocent individual is tarnished by any inquiry that does not lead to charges.   

Therefore it is impossible for the undersigned to move on or move forward without a fair and impartial investigation of the Freeh findings in 1998 and we demand the Board of Trustees convene a limited impartial review of the 1998 findings of the Freeh SIC. If this complete but limited to 1998 inquiry by a fair and impartial group finds that the Freeh Report is in error regarding its Key Findings in 1998 the Board of Trustees will petition the NCAA to amend their sanctions in regards to the 3 years (1998, 1999, and 2000). 

WHEREAS it will be the demand of the Penn State Board of Trustees that The NCAA will reinstate 26 victories to the Penn State record or one fourth of the number vacated. The NCAA will rescind 15 million of the 60 million dollar fine or one quarter of the amount fined, scholarships denied and one of the bowl ban years.  This will be done because it has been undeniably shown that the Freeh Report was in gross error in the Key Findings about the 1998 investigation and neither Joe Paterno or Penn State University was in any way at fault for anything to do with the 1998 investigation of Jerry Sandusky and it’s result.  

If you want us to move on you will be required to do what is right in this obvious miscarriage of justice and denial of due process as regards 1998. Once the 2001 Perjury Trials are finished we can address the situation involving Feb of 2001  

See Each KEY FINDING in the 1998 section of the Freeh Report is a Misleading Deception.

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