Save Pablo the Japanese Akita from death row

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A beautiful Japanese Akita, Pablo aged 2 years old has been condemned to death by Dudley Magistrates’ Court. This is a perverse & cruel determination on such a young life.
Fact - Pablo did not bite anyone! He managed to roam out of his home onto a neighbour’s property & then proceeded to chase a neighbour. 
Two leading canine experts advised the court that Pablo displayed no aggression but behaved as a dog would who was simply curious & playful.
The police officer stated in court that he is a dog lover.
The officer then stated that the “world would be a safer place if Pablo was destroyed”. These are not words & sentiments of anyone let alone a police officer who professes to love dogs.
The court preferred the evidence of the police officer & not two leading canine behaviour experts & a dental expert whose evidence was not challenged.
Pablo's family is naturally distraught. Pablo has been incarcerated in police kennels which are unfit & are known to breach Animal Welfare Legislation.
Pablo has been without any visitors or even been taken for a walk since May 2019. It is in this shocking environment that Pablo is supposed to be assessed & cared is heinous & can never be conducive in assessing a dog’s true temperament.
Pablo is frightened & vulnerable as we write this post.
The case is being appealed & is to be heard at Wolverhampton Crown Court on  Tuesday 7 April 2020. 

Please donate to help with legal costs and to save Pablo from death or at least sign the petition and forward it onto as many other people as possible to sign  . Please also see Twitter @ PabloTheAkita or     and also thanks .