Get Ashtown pound, Dublin shutdown

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Ashtown Dog Pound located in Dublin, Ireland needs to be shut down, these animals are kept in cold dirty concrete cells, no bedding and they put down healthy dogs that they claim are aggressive. 

The warden does not care about these animals, he just wants the money. I've had personal experience with these and they refused to give my partner her dog back and said he was put down, 1 day later he said that he wasn't and that fine I could get him but I had to pay for him back, we paid and got him back and even though he was only in there for a few days you could see from his eyes he was traumatised! 

There was a video circulating Facebook that showed the dog warden dragging a dog violently by the neck and throwing her into a car.

This has gone on long enough, this place needs to finally be shut down and never opened again!

Please please sign and hopefully we can get this place closed and these poor dogs can be saved and have a better life!