Dubbo base Hospital needs our help , along with all hospitals in Australia .....

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Looking for people to sign a petition from Dubbo local and surrounding areas to help bring to light the continuesly falling and failing health systems with the government cutting budgets and the lack of light shed upon these issues before they go too far.

Dubbo is a growing town and we need to know the local councils are pushing for more to be done to keep our town functioning well and able to support the growing population, and the surrounds as they also come to Dubbo base hospital.

Dubbo base hospital has a lot of areas that people have already spoken of that need fixing ASAP. 

We want answers , there have been some renovation and improvement recently to part of the hospital structure but it seems is severely underfunded and ill managed ( as are a lot of hospitals around Australia right now) as it doesn’t seem to have the resources like adequate staff or even beds to keep Sick and in pain patients comfortable, to name a couple issues... so how is a new building going to help if inside it’s walls is failing ? It needs to be addressed properly and our concerns answered and taken further.

These issues may be due to underfunding and other issues, its Unhygenic ( floors, walls look like they haven’t been washed properly in months have seen dried blood spatters, toilets are a total disgrace) .

Staff are ran off their feet and quite often confused as to what and who they are treating, people aren’t given beds and stuck in chairs even when in severe pain and in need of operations,and in instances til early hours of the morning when will be staying overnight,  lack of pain relief to name a few I have heard stories and seen it, it needs to be fixed.

People aren’t even offered food and water for being there close to 24 hours because they are simply forgotten in the system half the time, and way too busy. 

I believe and others I have spoken that it is becoming a danger to the people when things get to this stage.

If you would like to help hopefully make Dubbo hospital better and get answers to funding issues and press the matter to keep climbing so the government hear our calls for help,

- Then please sign this petition , 

It’s not just for Dubbo it’s for all the underfunded hospitals and overworked staff.

Emergency wards especially across the nation are a disgrace , when will our local governments fight for us and our hospitals. 

Australia is and has been known as the lucky country for many years , let’s not let our title slip and our country go backwards with our smaller towns forgotten , someone has to answer for this.



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