Drag the culprits to court! We want STERN ACTION on the Borneo Pygmy Elephant's Death.

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The recent news of a Female Pygmy Elephant's death in Sungai Udin, Dumpas, Kalabakan, Tawau has shocked many Malaysians. It was the cruel manner of death that angered many of us that we strongly urge Sabah Government to take action against the culprits if they haven't done anything on this yet. We believe these poachers will come back to do it again and again, as they have done it in the past.

The fact that the poor Pygmy Elephant is an endangered and protected species and known to be gentle and non threatening to humans; was shot 70 times and its mutilated body were tied with a rope and then left to submerge and rot in the water while its tusks have been removed is downright cruel. 

Post mortems have been carried out by the SWD team and it has been described that the poor elephant has indeed died a slow, painful and horrible death. It had multiple gunshot wounds on the cheeks, head, body and the back. And it was believed that the cruel attack was “not common.”

According to anonymous sources and as quoted in the news reports, Four or five poachers have been identified using semi-automatic guns and were believed to have attacked the poor elephant from a close range. The poachers were believed to be locals.

Apparently, there has been a spate of pygmy elephant killings since last year (2018) however NO arrests have been made yet.


We are aware and know that:

  • Locals have been involved (and perhaps can be identified by those who lived around the area);
  • It has been years (from past reported cases) that the relevant authorities have been investigating the killings (whether by poison or shooting) and gathering evidences but NO ONE gets caught and being tried under the Wildlife law yet;

So the question is, what took the authorities too long to drag these culprits to court and get them penalised accordingly although these elephants are protected under the Sabah's Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997?

Why the fear to bring them forward? Who are we protecting actually? The perpetrators or the poor animals?


Pygmy elephants are protected under (Schedule 1) in the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997 and anyone found guilty of killing them could be jailed up to five years and slapped with a fine of RM250,000.

It's been known that currently there are only about 1,500 surviving Borneo pygmy elephants, and they are regularly found dead on Borneo, due to being killed deliberately by poisoning or being shot.


As quoted by Wikipedia, The Borneo elephant, also called the Borneo pygmy elephant, is a subspecies of Asian elephant that inhabits northeastern Borneo, in Indonesia and Malaysia. Since 1986, Elephas maximus has been listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List as the population has declined by at least 50% over the last three generations, estimated to be 60–75 years. The species is pre-eminently threatened by habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation.[1]

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  • To continuously update us on the outcome of the investigation (on both SWD & State Government's Social & Local Mainstream Media) and not just sweep it under the carpet;
  • To expedite the recent investigation and get the culprits heavily penalise (expose their details on media as well) to at least deter / reduce future poachers;
  • To come up with an outreach program to reach out, recruiting locals and increase education / awareness to the rural locals on Sabah's Wildlife Conservation Enactment and its penalties; 
  • To beef up the enforcement by conducting random surprise visits to ensure communication with locals are maintained.

    We believe the above are just some of the steps that can be executed immediately and we look forward to see proactive actions by the named parties. It is IMPORTANT we get everyone's support to press the relevant parties to TAKE ACTION and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Please help us share this petition far and wide, and get as much support possible.
    If anyone has the updated report/findings/outcome of the above, please email to me at angelinesimone@gmail.com so we can update it here.