Passing of "Buffy's Law"

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Veterinarians make many life and death decisions for our pets. Numerous animals have died or been maltreated as a result of substance abuse by impaired veterinarians.  

Yet veterinarians have access to drugs and are not compelled to have themselves or their employees drug tested.  This is a DANGEROUS problem.  If the state required and enforced mandatory regular and random drug testing....many of the victims of bad vets would still be alive.

Drug testing has become a standard part of employment for people who work with cash, utilities, retailers, supermarket chains, casino's, warehouses, government contractors to name a few.

Subsequently those repeat offenders who continue to use drugs, alcohol or any mind altering substances should have their licenses revoked.  There are many good and caring veterinarians out there, however those who have criminal records and/or substance abuse problems are the ones this petition is applying to.  

Please sign this petition today.  Don't wait until another pet suffers and/or dies as a result of impaired veterinarian.