Postpone JEE & NEET to the end of 2020

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As we all know that covid-19 cases are increasing day by day with daily a new record of cases & deaths ( now to an extent of nearly 1000 new deaths daily ). People are combating with the thought that covid has got a hold of our country and among such state of affairs our country is holding nationwide entrance exams and that is totally not going to help but worsen the situation. 

Many agencies & authorities have already stated that seeing the data & current scenario covid is going to peak sometime in September or October then how can we put our children’s lives at risk by holding exams in September also this would not only affect children’s lives and future but the infected children will directly put their family to a  great risk. Sign my petition.

All sorts of examinations should be conducted only after we have got a complete control over the pandemic and daily cases reduce to being negligible and that is going to take some time so these exams should be postponed till the end of the year.

Children give exams to start a new journey in their life not to end their life. 

Unlike basic amenities Exams can wait for a while for a greater good!!