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Ensure Education. STOP HIKE in School Fee for 2020-2021 #COVID-19

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I am a resident of the millennium city, Gurgaon. In the midst of Corona Virus crisis sailing in the same boat of uncertainties, fear and things unfolding every day as we would all be. Economic slump is evident due to present conditions created by COVID-19 all over the world.

I am common citizen of India, and both my kids go to a school in Gurgaon. Sitting under lockdown, sustainability and survival is the ongoing thought that we start our day with.

With no information when normalcy will return, when we could head back to our respective work is the question hard to find answer, and here, I receive an intimation from the school regarding the hike in fee. I was baffled that how would I be able to cope up? I am anxious to know about the school fee hike and transport fee hike that as per the school is to meet the cost demands for the academic year 2020-21.

India on the whole is affected by this uncertain period. When companies are planning to announce pay cuts, lay-offs, leave without pay, several big and small business are impacted, in such a situation it is o.k. for school to charge fee to maintain itself, but hiking the fee is totally unfair and insensitive. School and parents are together in this difficult time, while paying fee will ensure the salary of teaching and non teaching staff and other expenses for schools, NO FEE HIKE and taking only Tuition fee for this time rather than taking any other fee, will ensure that parents will be able to ensure education for their children.

I request you to regulate the schools all over India and direct the state governments to ensure that there is NO HIKE in this year and schools do not charge for services during this time which they are not providing (like transport fuel, electricity ,development ,maintenance etc).

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