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To date, hundreds of protesters have been arrested for protesting for justice for Oscar Grant. Most recently, on November 5th (day of Oscar's killer's sentencing), we saw 152 people unjustly corralled and arrested. Others are still facing charges from July 8th (the day of Mehserle's involuntary manslaughter verdict). We demand that the Oakland DA drop the charges against all protesters!

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Letter to
District Attorney, Alameda County, CA Nancy E. O'Malley
District Attorney, Alameda County, CA Nancy E. O'Malley, Rene Davidson Courthouse Office
Assistant District Attorney, Alameda County, CA Norbert Chu
and 2 others
Assistant District Attorney, Alameda County, CA Thomas Barni
Assistant District Attorney, Alameda County, CA Matthew Golde
I am writing to you regarding the November 5th, 2010 arrests of protesters following the Rally to Honor Oscar Grant at City Hall. I am concerned about misconduct by OPD. This includes a documented dispersal order given simultaneously as protesters were trapped by police, as well as misinformation given by police agencies and spread by media agencies. Therefore, I demand that you drop the charges of all 152 defendants.

Furthermore, as we examine police misconduct from the night of July 8th, 2010 in downtown Oakland, it is evident that the OPD, Alameda Sherriffs, and other law enforcement agencies are culpable for trapping protesters into the area using excessive aggression. These police actions clearly incited riotous behavior and looting. If these agencies will not be held accountable for their documented instigation of property destruction in the streets, neither should those facing charges for various forms of protest.

If you should decide to pursue the blatantly unjust charges from either of those nights, it seems likely that the community’s declining faith in the justice system will further diminish and will result in continued expressions of 1st Amendment activity whose burden you will have to shoulder. The choice is yours.

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