Drop False Charges Placed on Police Brutality Victim and Hold The Officers Accountable!

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A JSO Officer was illegally parked on Brittany Williams' property. He admits to reading emails, he was not there on official business. She approached him asking if she could help him, and he started to yell at her. Brittany felt threatened because he was so rude and asked him to leave her driveway. He refused, so she called the police to report him; but when the other police arrived, instead of helping her, they stormed in her home, attacking her instead. They broke her teeth and left her battered. They restrained her husband from entering their house while multiple male officers assaulted her.

She was arrested and charged for battery on an officer and resisting arrest with violence. Even after her asking repeatedly, not once did they tell her they were there to arrest her or what for. Her constitutional rights were violated. Not only did the cops trespass on her property, they entered her home without a warrant. These cops conjured up false claims of battery and charged her with 3 felonies.

Brittany Chrishawn Williams has never been in any trouble with with law. She has 2 Bachelor's degrees from UCF and is a law abiding citizen. Trouble found her at her doorstep and she was punished for executing her rights. She is 5'2" and 98 lbs, not only should she not have been detained, it did not take multiple men to use the force they did. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has a reputation in the community of employing crooked officers and using excessive force.This is the reason for Brittany's wish for the officer to leave her yard. We ask that Justice be served in this situation to restore the trust between the community of Jacksonville, Florida and their public servants. We want these officers to be held accountable for their actions. The officer that trespassed on her property and refused to leave is Officer. A. Carmona Badge# 64386. The officers that came and attacked her are Officer C. Padget Badge# 74181, this one can be seen on video approaching her, and Officer T. Landerville Badge# 74181 attacked her from behind. Officer M. Highsmith Badge# 79736 "detained" (kidnapped) her on false charges. Their supervising officer is listed as D.P. Jadlocki Badge# 63949. We need speedy justice on this matter. Something has to change in this department and it can start with this!!!