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Drop Entertainment Group, Energy 103.5, The City of Halifax: Stop Chris Brown from Headlining the Energy Rush Concert

**Trigger Warning**

Chris Brown is as well known for his violent beating of his former girlfriend Rhianna and temper tantrums as for his musical career.  As a resident of Halifax, I believe it reflects poorly on our city to not only host such an artist, but to make him the headliner of this show. It says that as a city, we do not care for domestic abuse as long as you can write a catchy dance song. It shows we don't care if you almost kill someone because we will still put you on a stage and give you money because your singing and dancing career trumps that.

Please sign my petition and join with hundreds of us who find his headlining Energy Rush to be distasteful, callous and disrespectful to victims of domestic violence.

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