Drone Technology as a rapid response solution to combat mass shooting situations.

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As there has again been another heart wrenching and tragic mass shooting, I have tried to brainstorm on something that can finally be an answer beyond the rhetoric that leads to nothing.  To come up with something that might not be able to keep the gun from the shooters hands, but can truly be effective in an almost immediate response to an active shooter situation and thereby save countless lives.

That's when it hit me that it is through technology that this can happen.  I realized that the technology is now perfected enough to implement a truly revolutionary system that would be extremely effective for an almost immediate rapid response to a mass shooting situation and would stop the active shooter or shooters from being able to continue their plans almost right after starting.  The tech companies and titans just need to band together and begin work immediately on this idea and in coordination with the Federal and State Governments and private entities, get it implemented across the country and world. 

The key is staring us right in the face with a few recently new technologies that can be combined and implemented together!  But the primary key is in Drone Technology! And as "Sci Fi" as this following scenario will sound, it can and must be implemented and now is the time! 

Please envision the following scenario:  Tech Company X goes to a school building and digitally maps out the entire school.  Through available networking technology setups, it creates a sophisticated integrated network and map throughout the school with a focus on the hallways and large common areas.  An important part of the network consists of decibel detecting devices and security cameras with thermal viewing capabilities setup throughout the building.  The decibel detectors are programmed to pay specific attention to the extraordinarily loud decibels produced by gunshots in which case they activate an immediate response mechanism throughout the entire network, and where along with it and the security cameras, the producer of the loud decibels (gun shots) is immediately identified and tagged.  Some form of Artificial Intelligence software may be needed as well to assist.

  At this point the network software is simultaneously activating all of the rapid response quad-copter drones from their designated secure charging stations to immediately fly to the active shooter area.  We can say there are at least 5 drones in this scenario.  The drones have been programmed to fly at the top heights of the hallway flying above all people.  NOTE:  If you are unfamiliar with drone speeds, it is important to keep in mind that they can fly extremely fast and could reach an area across a large building in a matter of seconds.  These drones do not need to be big.  Probably mid-size.  They just need to simply be big enough to contain the following device: A taser shooting device similar to that of law enforcement.  Upon immediate arrival by the drone/s and with the active shooter already identified, the drones will immediately implement their mission of shooting their taser at the shooter/s to stop them.  If the taser from one drone is unsuccessful, another drone will attempt or multiple drones can shoot all at once.  If for some reason the tasers are ineffective, the drones can have other features on them, or better yet they will immediately implement aggressive attack and distract swooping tactics at the shooter/s allowing time for staff or others to apprehend them.  It would prove to be extremely difficult for any shooter to be able to continue focusing on shooting when there are several drones continually implementing aggressive attack measures at the shooter. 

I hope that this has been clearly explained enough to truly paint the picture that this is not some far fetched science fiction type movie scenario that is still 50 years in the future.  We already have all of the technology and resources now.  Would it be expensive for a school to implement?  Probably no more than one years salary of a single security guard.  And how effective has that proven to be so far?  How quickly can they respond to a shooter at times?  Or what if they are already taken out by the shooter?  Then it is now left up to the response time of law enforcement which in the meantime allows the shooter/s enough time to take many more innocent lives.

This solution can happen!  It's just going to take collaboration!  It's going to take one or multiple tech companies and titans to band together and implement their technologies with haste to get this going.  The government has to throw their full support behind it as do all of us as citizens and pass any legislation that may be needed for it to happen.  Will there be the critics? Of course! Some will say it sounds crazy.  Others would express concern of a malfunction scenario whereby a drone accidentally tasers someone in a non-shooting situation.  That's why the technology has to be perfected!  But let me ask you this: What's worse? A drone accidentally tasing someone, or a shooter being able to shoot and kill dozens of people unimpeded for several minutes?   

So how do we get this solution going? We have to get the people's attention and awareness of it!  And we do it by signing this petition by the millions and not letting this idea get ignored or fade away!  And this is not just a solution to be used at schools!  It's a technological asset that could be used at essentially any building or event you can think of.  We can't leave this idea to the sci-fi movies as a pretend world!  Let's make it happen and save our lives and our children's lives by finally doing something effective with the technology we have at our disposal! 

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