Safe Driving Hours, Make 3.5t Van Drivers Have A Tachograph.

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Safety is key when driving any Vehicle. But the 3.5 ton sector are beginning to dominate the commercial market within the roads of the UK, we need to make our roads safer for the generations to come and businesses smarter regarding driving hours.

 Van traffic has grown faster than any other vehicle type since 2006. With many driving more than the legal hours in a 3.5ton vehicle, in this day and age it is a 3.5 ton drivers way of life, it's to the point now where new businesses think it's ok and normal to drive atrocious hours & risk the safety of our children.

Sadly the 3.5ton sector only have a MOT pass rate of 65%! And as for speed limits on 20mph roads its a shocking point that 84% of 3.5 ton drivers exceed the speed limits on free flowing roads! 

In 2018, there were 25,484 seriously injured casualties in reported road traffic accidents, which could be cut down if the 3.5t driver, actually drove to the same hours that a HGV operator would, and a tachograph would encourage that. Sadly statistics state there are only 592,000 licensed HGV's (compared to 4.3 million licensed 3.5t vans ) with a 66,000 HGV driver shortage, our commercial sector is declining, which also increases the prices of food in our supermarkets.

In 2017 there was 4.3 million licensed 3.5t vans on the road with many of them  driving unsafe hours & overloading, and this can be stopped & slowed by professionalism, and understanding driving hours.

With a tachograph, a 3.5 ton operator would.

1. Create safer roads

2. Cut down the black market & encourage more genuine businesses to grow

3. Pull Up the Economy due to "Good Repute" meaning less chance of a person using that business to be ripped off.

There its lots more that I could add, and it is the way forward, sign if you agree!