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Drilling in the Arctic - call on oil giant to make spill plan public


Right now, in the freezing seas off Greenland, members of Greenpeace have scaled and occupied the world's most controversial oil drilling rig.

Their action will prevent the oil rig from starting dangerous deep water drilling right in the heart of the pristine Arctic environment.

The company who operates the rig, Cairn Energy, wants to drill in these extreme Arctic conditions, in an area called "iceberg alley."

An oil spill here would be disasterous and cleaning up a spill in this extremely cold and remote region would be almost impossible.

Cairn says they have an oil spill response plan, but they refuse to make it public - most experts in the world say that cleaning up an oil spill in these waters is almost impossible.

We are calling on Cairn Energy's CEO, Bill Gammell, to make their oil spill response plan public. This is one of the last untouched ecosystems in the world and Cairn wants to drill for oil without having to be held to account for how they will clean it up if disaster strikes.

Send a message right now to Cairn's CEO, demand they disclose their plan and help protect Arctic waters from an oil spill.

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