Regulate sale and pricing of masks and sanitisers to curb panic about Coronavirus


Regulate sale and pricing of masks and sanitisers to curb panic about Coronavirus

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Harsh Vardhan (Union Health Minister, Government of India) and

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The Coronavirus scare just got real for many of us in the national capital after news of suspected cases in Noida began doing the rounds on TV news and social media. 

Many are racing to medical shops in Delhi NCR because some healthcare experts have recommended N95 masks for prevention against viruses. 

I read a news report about panic buying of N95 face masks and hand sanitisers in Delhi NCR. This has triggered a massive shortage of protective gear. Another report claimed surgical masks, which usually sell for Rs 10, were being sold for Rs 40 or higher, and N95 masks, which sell for around Rs 150, were being sold for up to Rs 500. 

This is basic economics: the principle of demand and supply. But in situations like this when panic binds people, the tendency of hoarding and overpricing also goes up. This is happening now at every level - customers, retailers, wholesalers.

We are two friends and women Changemakers, I am a parent and an educator working in a business school, and Rinki Sharma is working on consumer rights issues .We decided to start petition as We believe it is important to be cautious. What's not ok is panic and paranoia. We must remember that WHO has decided to not declare this outbreak a global healthcare emergency as yet.

I believe that this panic-buying coupled with surge pricing by suppliers is further fuelling the panic. It’s a vicious cycle. It's time the Health Ministry intervenes and regulates this as it is unethical for pharmacies to raise prices during a major health crisis. 

Sign our petition asking Health Minister Harsh Vardhan to regulate the prices of masks and sanitisers, and to issue clear guidelines against hoarding. 

Not many people may be aware that the Government of India has been working on preventing the novel coronavirus from entering India for more than a month now. As per the Health Ministry’s daily update, they are prepared with a robust contingency plan which includes thermal screening at 21 airports, establishing quarantine camps, dedicated hospital wards, and medical stockpiles. 

I believe that India is well-equipped for this crisis. If the government goes a step further by intervening to regulate the supply, pricing and sale of masks and sanitisers, it will address the unnecessary panic too. 

Sign and share my petition so that the Health Ministry takes action. I intend to reach out to the government immediately. Your signatures will help me persuade the Minister.

Raise your voice to #CurbThePanic #CoronaKoDhona


This petition made change with 57,223 supporters!

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