Show your Disapproval of Dreamworks: Spirit Riding Free

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Update 12/4/18:

Alright, so let's be honest with ourselves.  There is nothing you can do about Spirit Riding Free when you sign this petition.  It's going, it's got multiple seasons, and enough children like it without recognizing the source material.  Merchandise is being bought and sold.  It's upsetting but it's OK.  Also, realize it'll probably stay.  This doesn't mean we have to watch it or like it.  This doesn't mean that we're any less upset with Dreamworks for doing this to our childhood. When you sign this petition all we you can do is tell Dreamworks, "Don't do this to us again.  Don't do this to any amazing classic again."  It's okay to have a lower budget.  It's okay to re-imagine some aspects.  It's okay to make TV shows that the new generation can enjoy.  But please, Dreamworks, next time have a little respect for us, the original material, and the original theme and morals of the source material.

Thank you.  It means a lot when you sign.  It's nice to know there's more of us out there.  I've been called an idiot and stupid too many times for being passionate about things I love.  As an artist and aspiring animator I hope in the future I can do fans a justice for the things they love or create new quality entertainment that everyone can enjoy. 



If Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was a big part your childhood (and or adulthood), sign this petition.  If Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron evoked your emotions and made you cry every time while watching it, sign this petition.  If you believe that Spirit represents freedom and fighting for that freedom, sign this petition. If you believed that the 2d hand-drawn animation of Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron was so breathtakingly beautiful, sign this petition. If you still hum the regal melodies of Spirit soundtrack, SIGN THIS PETITION.

It has been brought to my attention that Dreamworks and Netflix have decided to make a Spirit spin-off show called Spirit: Riding Free. Because of legal issues, they had to re-imagine Spirit with a blaze on his face and the absence of his dorsal stripe. Spirit also suddenly has a rider on his back, a modern girl named Lucky. They have the accompaniment of Lucky's two friends: Prudence and Abigail. They are atop their tamed horses: Chica Linda and Boomerang.

(Note: One site tells that "this" Spirit is not the original Spirit but Spirit's offspring. Which doesn't make it better or even make sense because if they were going to make it a completely different horse why couldn't they give him a whole new appearance and a whole new name?)

This new TV show is supposed to be about harnessing friendship and finding out what it really means to be "free" (With a rider? That's not the Spirit I know.  Even Little Creek had to let him go). From screenshots of the promo video you can find that Spirit: Riding Free will be including that mindless humor that has been steadily emerging in recent Disney and Dreamworks movies.

From looking at the pictures, promo video screenshots and merchandise it is clear to see that Spirit: Riding Free will be animated with Computer Generated Animation,  and not the beautiful hand-drawn animation by which the original movie was created.  Even the backgrounds are terribly mediocre compared to the original movie's gorgeous vistas, rolling hills, and towering high red-rock buttes. 

While the hand-drawn animation is time-consuming, and some might believe it is outdated (and it is not!) it should never be replaced with CG. That is a huge step-down from the original.  By looking at that alone, one should realize that they aren't taking the time, care, and thought needed to handle another Spirit movie or TV show.  This should be a universal motto in the entertainment industry: If you can't make the sequel/spin-off better or as good as the first then don't create it at all.  

It seems as though entertainment companies have no moral regard for the die-hard fans of the original.  It also seems as though Netflix, Dreamworks, and the toy company, Breyer, just want to make money off of young kids who don't have a taste for good entertainment yet.  They just want to sell merchandise.

And that's fine!

It should be perfectly okay for them to make a horse TV show with little girls on the horses' backs who harness the magic of friendship.  Whatever.  But to drag Spirit, or "Not Spirit" into this TV show is utterly ridiculous and is an insult to all fans of the original movie.  You cannot taint Spirit this way!  You cannot trivialize Spirit and think that the fans would just be okay with it.  No, we are not okay with it.

Have some sense of right and wrong and don't just think about money, Dreamworks and Netflix. Have real passion again because these days you've become great disappointments.


We might not be able to make a change but at least, in banding together, we could become a noticeable voice.