Release the R-rated Director's Cut of Galaxy Quest

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A few years ago producer Lindsey Collins told Collider, "We had lunch with Sigourney [Weaver] who was telling us that there actually used to be an R-rated version of [Galaxy Quest] which was awesome. It was the director's cut and it was R-rated and everybody was swearing and there were sex scenes, and the whole thing. They didn't know what to do with it, so they had to re-edit the whole thing and made it what it is today. We were like, ‘How do we get our hands on the R-rated version of Galaxy Quest?' She said ‘I don't know!' and we were like, ‘Come on, Sigourney!'"

We must band together and demand that this version be released. Especially since Deadpool has been doing really well, this is the time that the original version of Galaxy Quest must be released-- even if they have to rename it Captain Starshine or Earth Dick (original working titles). The film was fun, but it was obviously heavily edited (Sigourney Weaver's random cleavage, Rainn Wilson's disappearance, and the dubs... like the painful "Well screw that!"). And while it did work more or less, an R-rated version might be better. Plus it would act as nostalgia for many of us who were kids when it came out or even an act of respect towards the late Alan Rickman. 

This version can be released but we the fans need to demand it! The more people that sign this, the more traction it will get. We need everyone to request this, and then hopefully enjoy it as it was meant to be.