Put Me and My Shadow (Shadows) Back Into Production

Put Me and My Shadow (Shadows) Back Into Production

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Around 2010, DreamWorks Animation announced Me and My Shadow, a movie which would of been a hybrid of CG and traditional hand drawn animation. The movie's synopsis revolves around a boring guy named Stanley and his adventurous living shadow named Stan. When Stan uncovers a criminal plot in the shadow world that involves an evil shadow who wants to lead a rebellion to take over the human world, he decides to take control of Stanley to give him a glimpse of adventure and to stop the shadow villain from leading the rebellion.

The movie was set to release in 2013, but later for push back to 2014. In 2015, it was announced that director Edgar Wright was to retool the movie which the story was described as a "new take on a previously developed concept about shadows and was to go under the new title, "Shadows". In 2017, Wright confirmed that three drafts of the script have been written. Ever since, now news has resurfaced for the film. This purpose of this petition is to let DreamWorks know that we want to see this project revived once again or let us know if it's still in limbo or not.

As a disclaimer, I don't believe this petition will throw the project back in to production, but will let DreamWorks know that we want to see it. 

Also, if you wanna see what the animation would've looked like. Check this out. https://twitter.com/ArtofLostandCan/status/1125098375987310592?s=19