Make Turbo 2 Happen!

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In 2013, Dreamworks animation released a computer-animated comedy sports film called Turbo. Based on the ideas from David Soren, Turbo told the classic story of an ordinary garden snail who wanted nothing more than to be the fastest snail in the world and win the Indi 500. The filmed opened with mostly positive reviews from fans and critics alike. I personally couldn't get enough of this charming little snail (Turbo). Since the release of the film, I've dedicated my entire life to Turbo, telling everyone I know about the true speed of this seemingly ordinary garden snail. I tell them the facts, and make them watch movie, but they never walk away all that impressed.

With all this put into consideration, I think our best move from here is for dreamworks animation to make another Turbo movie. In order for the public to truly understand the importance and velocity of this garden snail, as well as stand in solidarity with the few Turbo enthusiasts that are present today, Dreamworks Animation must make a sequel to Turbo! It's also great business for Dreamworks because the original film grossed $282.6 million, and so making a sequel is guaranteed success. In summary, Turbo 2 may not be what our world wants right now, but it's certainly what it needs...