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Jack Frost from 'Rise of the Guardians' and Elsa from 'Frozen' should be in a movie together; as love interests

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Since the second the movie Frozen was even mentioned, many animation lovers thought Jack Frost and Elsa would be a good fit for each other. Dreamworks and Disney, you may not be close friends, but this is the perfect pairing and many people will agree...

1. They both have similar powers; many plots work well when a character figures out they're not the only one who has a power and they have someone to relate too.

2. They both are often pushed away by others and see themselves in a negative aspect...

3. It isn't just crazy teenagers who would be overjoyed to see this couple together. I've heard of many children who would watch one of the movies and then watch the other, and remark, "Jack Frost would be so cute with Elsa!".

4. Disney, you could be making so much money from the medley of these two popular, beautifully written movie. So many people would want to see it and, the soundtrack would bring in even more intake.

5. There are so many cute plot ideas already in exsistence. Considering Jack Frost is a guardian, and they seem to be immortal as long as they're believed in, statistically, this can happen. Jack Frost could have watched over Elsa her whole life or they could just meet for the first time. There are so many things you can do with this.

6. Many rumors state you should and perhaps want to make a sequel Disney. Considering there isn't much plot left to 'The Snow Queen', this would be interesting plot...not, I'm not saying Pitch and Hans should team up. However, considering all the wonderful movies you made so far, you'd think of even better.

7. They're just plain old good for eachother: Anna and Elsa work as sisters, because Anna is fun and quirky, while Elsa is more reserved/classy with a kind heart. Jack Frost's center is fun and would help her open up more and live a little.

8. They both through great pain for their sibling; Elsa hid from hers to protect her from her newly found powers and Jack died. They both cared greatly for their sisters.

9. There is an oppurtunity to make Elsa 'evil'. Perhaps, Pitch posses her and puts the world in forever winter.

10. Someone, who really cares, is making a petition for them!

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