Dreamworks: GIVE THE VOLTRON WRITERS THE GREEN LIGHT! Give us LGBT Representation!

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Voltron Season 7 was very disappointing to the LGBT+ fans. We expected GOOD representation and instead we got Heterosexual ships. Everyone was against the Voltron writers for queerbaiting, when in reality it was Dreamworks who did not give them the green light. This is 2018; children deserve to see themselves represented in shows. Children should be able to feel normal, no matter their sexuality. It's not fair for them to see that only heterosexuals live happily ever after and homosexuals get killed off. Dreamworks literally made a movie where a human and ogre fall in love and a donkey has babies with a dragon. GIVE VLD WRITERS THE GREEN LIGHT!


Barlee knows about the petition! This could get more for Shiro!
I don't think you all understand why I made this petition. I didn't make it specifically for Klance to became canon, I just want representation in this show that I love. I made it so Dreamworks can see that we support LGBT and want to see it on their show. I know season 8 is probably already done and written but I just want dreamworks to see that we care about LGBT+. I didn't make this to attack the writers or Dreamworks I made it so we can be heard. The word has even gotten to Twitter and Tumblr, we're just showing we care. I'm not a petty klancer who's shoving this in their faces to make a ship canon. I simply want representation.