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Hire Anders to stream officially at DHW

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For the past ~1 year (more or less the entire time of CS:GO's existence - beta dismissed), Anders has been a consistant streamer, streaming more or less every event he have had the opportunity to stream. To mention a few among many: Starladder, ESEA Invite, ESWC, various ESL tournaments, 1-day online tournaments (FaceIT, Cashtour ..) and these are only the ones that comes to my head when thinking of this very subject.


Now everything I just wrote sounds like a very passionated streamer. An enthusiastic, dedicated and popular streamer - something we rarely see in CS:GO, unlike LoL et cetera. By looking at the current streamer crew of DHW 2013 (FYI: the biggest tournament any Counter-Strike version has ever seen, money-wise) we have the following: Lurppis, Tosspot, bsl, SirScoots, Thorin & Corey Dunn.


I myself is a very enthusiastic and motivated CS:GO player, and I have been following the majority of the tournaments the past 1 year, and yet I don't recall having seen any matches streamed by Tosspot, bsl, SirScoots or Thorin - only a very few incidents with Dunn and lurppis - both two great casters. Unfortunately the last mentioned, is not even interested in CS:GO. He has bashed CS:GO on several occassions for being a shitty game and what not.

I found myself thinking: where's Anders, after having a glance at the casters list of DHW 2013 - and I bet i'm not the only one. One of the only streamers who loves the game enough to actually have the motivation to sit down and put hours and hours in on streaming every week, putting so much effort into making this game grow - and what does he get in return? Nothing. Maybe a few bucks for his streamer count, but nothing that he can make a living off, yet. I find it disrespectful to not give Anders this opportunity (and yes I know he haven't been asked, because I know Anders would grab this opportunity without a blink from his eyes!), even though he might not be the best caster of all-time, he is still one of the most favorized casters in the CS:GO community, and the only one who REALLY tries to get the game growing - something we do by attract players to the game - and one of those ways is to stream games, have newcomers find interest in this very game.


I have wrote a long ass wall of text now, but I honestly feel like we need Anders in on that crew - he deserves it more than any other caster at this point. He probably won't make it to the crew since we're not very far away from tournament kick-off, but let's all sign this petition to let people know that we appreciate Anders' effort!

Even if Anders does not make it to DHW, let's all sign this petition to show our support Anders - to show that we appreciate the effort and thousand of hours he has put in on making this game grow to where it is today!

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