Alberta Equity and Fairness Referendum

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For too long, Canada has been governed for eastern Canada and Quebec with little thought given to the damage done to the Canadian confederation. Alberta has in many ways, been treated like a colony which provides wealth and income to the east but has had little say over how the money is spent, receives little in return and is often subject to arbitrary and often economically damaging actions from the east which ignore the wishes of Albertans.

This has been true when both Liberal and Progressive Conservatives have been in power as ALL Canadian parties feel compelled to pander to Quebec to win votes. The Progressive Conservative are more favourably inclined to defend Alberta but still won't make changes to equalization for fear of losing votes in Quebec.

Alberta is now faced with a Liberal government which is clearly hostile towards Alberta and the Prairie provinces and is also faced with two other national parties (NDP and Greens) which are even more hostile towards Alberta.

It's time for Albertans to act to defend its interests and to forcefully redefine and renegotiate its place within Canada once and for all so that no other future government can abuse our good nature or arbitrarily take action against Alberta interests.

To that end, we are calling on the Alberta government to hold a referendum in the first half of 2020 which will ask Albertan's the following questions:

1. Should Alberta take control of it's own taxation to the greatest extent possible?

2. Should Alberta take control of it's share of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and manage it ourselves?

Alberta's share of the Canadian population is approx. 12% yet Alberta contributes 16.5% of all annual contributions to CPP.

3. Should Alberta forcefully renegotiate Equalization with the goal of clawing back at least 80% of our net contributions to the federal treasury.

Even with an 80% clawback of our net tax contributions to the federal treasury, Alberta would still be the largest net contributor to Canada compared to other provinces.

If Albertans agree to the above questions, Alberta would then be in a much stronger position to control it's future and, it would place real limits on Ottawa's ability to intrude into Alberta's affairs.

After the Oct. 21 election which led to a Liberal minority government, many Albertan's decided the only option was separation.

I completely understand the sentiment however a vote for separation is not winnable at this time. It's a leap that is simply too far for most Albertans and, it does come with substantial downside economic risks and many unknown consequences. WE can't predict how separation would unfold.

Taking the kind of actions proposed in this petition do not come with the substantial risks associated with separation and more importantly, it's realistic and doable. Quebec already collects its own taxes and manages its own pension fund. It hasn't hurt Quebec so there is no reason to believe these actions would hurt Alberta.

Worse, a failed separation referendum would put us in a weaker position vs. Ottawa.

Ottawa would see that the separation referendum was lost and would feel free to ignore Alberta even more knowing that we had exhausted our energies fighting for separation and failed. No other referendum would be possible for a long time afterwards.

I understand the anger many Albertans feel and feel it myself but getting angry isn't good strategy. Getting Even is a better strategy and taking actions that are doable and winnable represent the best path forward for Alberta.

I believe passionately that these proposal are in Alberta's best interests and they are doable.

The goal is 200,000 signatures which is large number but one which would compel the UCP government of Jason Kenney to act.

It's time to stop the bleeding. It's time to Stop Justin Trudeau. It's time to say NO to Quebec.

Thank you,
Glenn Taylor
Proud Albertan

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