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Inspire Canada's Youth To Vote in Video PSA

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In any given election, millions of Canadians who are eligible to vote do not show up. Statistically those between the ages of 18- 34 have the lowest voter turnout, 38-45% during the last election in 2011. Many who have never voted, have cited feelings of disenchantment and indifference towards a government that is completely out of touch with today's youth. Others have had bad experiences with authority or institutions, and feel that they are powerless to effect change in a system that does not work for them.

As it happens, 18-34 is also Canadian rapper Drake's largest demographic.

Many young Canadians understand the language of Drake better than their own political system. But why can't these two exist in perpetuity? In order to increase youth voter turnout, and to make this election "The Best We Ever Had" I am calling upon Drake to do a short nonpartisan video PSA, broadcasted via social media before Oct 13th, to encourage Canadian youth to register and get out and vote. 

Drake, will you "Make Us Proud" and make a video PSA to get Canadian youth out to vote? The video need only be 30 seconds and could be easily recorded with an iphone, computer or next to that very nice Bugatti. Because Drake, only you can make Canadian civil liberty sexy!

The very best rap and hip-hop have always been rooted in politics; are you the real deal Drake? If so, then bring it. Your country needs you to represent. 

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