Approve Department of Justice Reform California "Drain the Swamp!"

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PETITION FOR CHANGE: California has the largest homeless population in the country and California has the largest prison population in the world. Many employees of the California Department of Justice are anything but Justice. Affirmative action removed from the books, they are placing thousands of innocent individuals in jails, they are Arresting Doctors and calling American people with injuries, drug addicts, they are catering to the special interest groups, and most important, they are Controlling Judges both State and Federal, and controlling the outcomes of civil and criminal Court cases. How else can a bunch of Lawyers get a 98% Conviction Rate? 

The California Department of Justice employees are paid by the taxpayers and they are worse than crooked Police Officers because they don't wear body-cams and they use specialized hidden weapons called "IMMUNITY" to trample Sovereign Rights of the People and they are breaking thousands of laws and violating millions of Constitutional protections and due process rights in California; Governor Jerry Brown's home of the Sanctuary State.


1. Beverly Hills Doctor  DOJ raided his office with guns pointed and charged him with billing fraud, which turned-out to be a big lie and charges were later dropped. The DOJ chief launching the investigation, Dorothy C. Kim, was the wife of the attorney, Jeffrey H. Rutherford, who was defending the doctor, without disclosing that Dorothy was his wife, Rip-Off Alert; the worst kind of fraud ever. The DOJ husband and wife team screwed the doctor without grease. Afterwards, Dorothy Kim gets promoted to be a Superior Court Judge for the Central District and the doctor lose his license and his career of 25 years. The Medical Board / DOJ then worked to keep the fraud hidden from public records, this is a total sham against Doctors. Vote your conscious, lets clean-up the judicial swamp....

2. Los Angeles Doctor is forced to be strip searched. After they injured his shoulder during these mandatory ridiculous strip searches, the doctor, Robert Markman, shows up to the Board wearing just his underwear, so the cop wouldn't be able to hurt his shoulder anymore. I guess Lasota couldn't handle it and called the police to cause more harm to the doctor by tackling him to the ground and placing a 51/50 on him. The case ended-up in Federal Court, with the doctor suing these idiots. Why are we allowing these psychos to do this! Please share this petition.

3. American Black Doctor mysteriously ends-up dead after charging the California DOJ and Medical Board with racism and discrimination against black physicians and healthcare providers. He met with Al Sharpton's group, the National Medical Association (NMA), the Golden State Medical Association (GSMA), and the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC). A few days later, Anthony Jackson M.D. was dead and his name placed in a research report done by the DOJ / Medical Board cronies, that Dr. Jackson said was bogus, basically mocking his death. A few months later, a reporter who saw what happened, Cassandra Hockensin, mysteriously died, according to family members. This is a virtual Criminal-Swamp and people lives are in jeopardy daily, just take a look at the homeless community downtown. 


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