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end your relationship with the Georgia Aquarium!

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Dragon*Con is an international event that welcomes thousands from all walks of life, united by a love of 'the geek life'. Attendees are universally a smart, logical group of people who should not be unknowingly supporting, even by mere association, an organization that defies the recommendations of science and confines cetaceans for entertainment and profit. While a working relationship is perfectly acceptable in certain circumstances, the one between Dragon*Con and the Georgia Aquarium should end.

Georgia Aquarium's status as a young Aquarium and popular tourist attraction has also brought the burden of being a symbol for what public aquariums should evolve into as time passes. Rather than refraining from displaying cetaceans and following specific scientific recommendations, the Georgia Aquarium added first Beluga whales and then Bottlenose dolphins, citing "public demand" for their display.

The Aquarium courts the attendees of Dragon*Con yearly with a reduced admission rate, which serves to perpetuate the falsehood that cetaceans live fulfilled, healthy lives in captivity. This is a falsehood and outright lie. Today the Aquarium is seeking to increase it's Beluga "population" by importing more wild-caught Belugas to their display, even though four have lost their lives since the aquarium opened in 2005.

Please, just don't buy a ticket to an Aquarium or marine park. Every ticket sold, whether at a discount rate or full price, is encouraging facilities world-wide to continue stealing animals from the wild and forcibly breed them. Marine mammals belong in the wild and not in a concrete tank. Ask Dragon*Con to end their relationship with the Georgia Aquarium.

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