Drag Queens for Kids and "Hate." Let's elevate the discourse.

Drag Queens for Kids and "Hate." Let's elevate the discourse.

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"Hate"   Let’s elevate the discussion beyond name calling.



In recent weeks the issues of gender identity, open all-gender bathrooms, explicit sexual literature at the public schools, and now, drag-queen shows for youngsters at NYS have stirred intense and emotional energy and rancor typical of national politics.  In fact, todays nationally distributed Epoch Times covered our city’s debate problem.  Anger, “doxing”, boycotting of small businesses and “name-calling” have replaced logical, good-faith debate in our community.  This letter is a call for sanity.   

The sponsors of this letter are opposed to having mixed gender open bathrooms in our waterfront park, sexual exploration being taught to our youngest children, and trans-sexual drag queen dance exhibitions by adult sexual entertainers being hosted by our city.  We do not “HATE” anyone.  (See CBS Boston article “Love will win.”)  

Opponents of hyper sexualized and hyper-racial teaching programs and youth activities have one legitimate and over-arching concern:  THEIR OWN CHILDREN.   Parents have a supreme interest and legal right to participate in their children’s education and well-being.  Their interests trump the decisions of unelected administrative state bureaucracies.   These parents (and guardians) want high quality education in reading, writing, math, science and history for their children.  They want respect from school employees and administrators when it comes to decisions about their children.  They want safety for their children.  

Some proponents of the above programs have their hearts in the right place.  They want children who are struggling with gender identity or actual racial harm (or any other insecurity) to be welcomed, accepted and supported. Loved. 

That’s what the opponents want too.  But the opponents want these concerns balanced.  Whereas some children (let’s not forget that they are children) have racial scars or gender confusion, many do not.  In addition, it is parents’ responsibility to counsel, support and guide their children into adulthood.  It most emphatically is NOT the responsibility, nor the right of government employees (K-12 schoolteachers and staff, youth services camp employees, etc.) to displace the parent/guardian from these responsibilities.  

With respect to the upcoming Drag Queen Dance, we believe it is inappropriate for our taxpayer funded school programs to seek and host adult entertainers (strippers, transgender performers singing about genitals and simulating sex acts with bananas) at our public facilities.  

Again, our objections have nothing to do with “hate.”  That word is used as a convenient, and aggressive tactic by simple-minded people to shame and hurt people with reasonable objections based on commonsense and parental responsibility.  These people viciously dox and slander people’s businesses and post secretly in closed Facebook groups.  Calling everyone a “hater” also diminishes the meaning of that word when actual hate needs to be called out.  The people screaming "haters" are the intolerant ones and are, quite literally, hateful.  It is for this reason that many decent people refrain from stepping forward.  Internet bullying and slanderous secret chat rooms attempt to silence anyone who disagrees.  

And when a few brave opponents sit down with or write to our City Councilors or our Mayor, we are literally told to “move somewhere else” (Councilman Vogel) and that we are “bad-faith” (disingenuous?/hateful?)  actors (Our Honorable Mayor Reardon).

Gender uncertain or trans-gender youth can be accepted, supported and welcomed without intensely focusing on them to their detriment and without displacing parents’ authority.  The “hate” cudgel is a ruse.  People experiencing actual racism can and will be protected by everyone in this community.  We ALL want to help support marginalized kids (and adults).  But the proponents co-op these efforts and hold themselves out as the heroes while casting stones of hate and bigotry on those who love the same minority people, but have reservations about some of the MEANS by which we should support them.  That actually does smack of hatred.

Please, drag-queen dance supporters stop behaving as if everyone who disagrees with you is filled with “hate” and that you are only ones who care.  Elected representatives, please look yourselves in the mirror and try to think on a more intellectual level and represent your entire community, not just part of it.  


Northshore Concerned Parents

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