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Petitioning Directora del Colegio Labastida Hna. María Velásques Bernal and 3 others

Don't Export 'Ex-Gay' Therapy to Mexico: Cancel the 'Cure Homosexuality' Conference in Monterrey

The  Piscotraumatología Mexican Center, in complete contradiction to its mission to "facilitate and promote the growth potential of the human being,” has scheduled to bring in “ex-gay therapy” proponent Richard Cohen to Labastida College in Monterrey (Mexico) on February 12, 2014 to share his theories on how to cure homosexuality.

Richard Cohen is an "ex-gay" therapy supporter who has written books on how to "help" people to stop being gay.

Many organizations worldwide have spoken out against so-called "conversion therapies." The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has stated that “services that purport to ‘cure’ people with non-heterosexual sexual orientation lack medical justification and represent a serious threat to the health and well-being of affected people.” PAHO notes that “there is no rigorous scientific study that demonstrates the effectiveness of efforts to change sexual orientation.” PAHO even calls for therapists and clinics that support “conversion” or “reparative” therapy to be reported and sanctioned.  


Therefore, the fact that the  Piscotraumatología Mexican Center, an organization whose mission is "to ensure the integrity and significance of the person to be a factor of change in their community" would organize an event that will promote the homophobic and discriminatory ideas of Richard Cohen is highly outrageous.

These ideas help to perpetuate stereotypes that homosexuality is a disease that must be cured, and they contribute to the social rejection that exists today against the LGBT community. The repression of sexual orientation has been associated with feelings of guilt and shame, depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

The Piscotraumatología Mexican Center and its Psychotraumatology director Lizzie Cavazos Borobia should immediately cancel the conference in Monterrey, and tell Richard Cohen to stop spreading discriminatory ideas.

Letter to
Directora del Colegio Labastida Hna. María Velásques Bernal
Dra. Lizzie Cavazos Borobia
Directora del Centro Mexicano de Piscotraumatología
and 1 other
Presidente del Consejo Nacional para Prevenir la Discriminación Ricardo Antonio Bucio Mújica
Don't Export 'Ex-Gay' Therapy to Mexico: Cancel the 'Cure Homosexuality' Conference in Monterrey