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Petitioning Juez letrado Penal de 10º Turno ,Montevideo . URUGUAY. Dra. Dolores SANCHEZ de LEON. and 3 others

Dra. Dolores SANCHEZ de LEON. Juez letrado Penal de 10º Turno.: free Alejandro Iwaszewicz / libertad para Alejandro Iwaszewicz

This group is to support and promote Father ALEXANDER IWASZEWICZ's innocence. November 1, 2012 arrested without proof or evidence on presumed money laundering charges.  He was incarcerated in a maximum security prison (COMCAR) until October 16, 2013. Father was released on October 16, 2013 but truly not free; the judge has yet to sign the final documents allowing him to return home to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has being declared innocent of the imputed crime but his confinement has changed from a small cell at COMCAR to an undeclared or unsanctioned conditional freedom or a form of house arrest inside the Uruguayan borders.  At the present, he is free to roam inside Uruguay, but can’t return to his homeland, Argentina.  As an alien in Uruguay, Father can’t work or receive medical attention. He can only rely on the support of family and friends.

In the international community Fr. Alexander is known for being a true pastor for all who have meet him, with a charitable heart, quick to serve his neighbor at a moment's notice regardless of faith, nationality or race; a true Samaritan. 

His lifestyle does not reflect the behavior of a criminal. Father never hid from the law and was (is)  always transparent in his actions. 

The Court is holding Fr. Alejandro on hearsay and assumptions and even thou after a year in a prison, they have released him, but are not allowing Padre to return to his home country, parish and family.

Uruguayans are very hospitable, kind and friendly despite having a Napoleonic justice system that does not reflect the nation's true character. You are presumed guilty until proven innocent and must be in custody prior to any trial and sentencing.

 We kindly request to support our efforts to have justice served and urge the Judge to sign the final documents thus allowing Fr. Alejandro to return home

Please sign our petition.

Please support our efforts to have justice served. 

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Letter to
Juez letrado Penal de 10º Turno ,Montevideo . URUGUAY. Dra. Dolores SANCHEZ de LEON.
Parlamento Uruguayo. Dr. lvaro Garcé.
Amnesty International Amnistia Internacional
and 1 other
Presidente de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay. José Alberto Mujica Cordano
Declare Fr. Alejandro Iwaszewicz Dorado inocent. Declare a Alejandro Iwaszewicz Dorado inocente

Because he is innocent. Porque es inocente.

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