Dr. Walter Wendler must issue a formal apology to West Texas A&M University

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Dr. Walter Wendler, the president of WTAMU, sent out a university-wide email asserting that "the safest [sex] occurs between a husband and wife in a drug-free, lifelong monogamous relationship." Dr. Wendler misrepresents scientific research to cast doubt on the effectiveness of contraceptives while appealing to heterosexist prejudices. His remarks foster discrimination and alienate LGBTQ+ members of the university's student body. 

Dr. Wendler owes the faculty and students of West Texas A&M an apology. His email tarnishes the institution's reputation and damages the school's goal of creating an inclusive, diverse space for learning.

Dr. Wendler's bigoted and anti-scientific remarks can be read here: http://walterwendler.com/2019/04/safe-sex-2/?fbclid=IwAR08MqAwkJfR91Rb5zd8alIZZ8eqIXZa_6ptsQ5xeTD71QZm6uoVZQ5-JG4