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The current rot in the Philippine political system cries out for leaders who will present a genuine alternative to traditional politics and its corrupt, unprincipled, and personality-based practices.

We need a leader who understands what ails the country’s social and economic system and can offer the solutions that will address these problems. That leader must have an unblemished record in public service that can stand the most intensive scrutiny.

But it is not enough for the ideal leader to be a person of principle. The ideal leader must also possess a framework or ideology that is progressive, left, and radical in order to confront and challenge the current dominant capitalist, neo-liberal and patriarchal paradigm.

The ideal leader must therefore be armed with the capacity to think through the country’s problems and represent and articulate the interests and aspirations of workers, peasants, women, urban poor, rank and file employees, Bangsamoro, indigenous peoples, fisherfolk, youth and students, LGBT, the differently abled, and all other marginalized sectors and communities in the country.

The above sounds like we are looking for a leader who would be the next President of the Philippines. Ideal though it may be, unfortunately, to launch a Presidential campaign at this stage may be premature as the necessary organizational capabilities and the financial resources may not be accessible at this time. But we do need to mount a national campaign in order to make the needed impact for the most people and to reach the widest audience possible. The next best thing therefore is to draft a worthy candidate for Senator. This step will prepare us for an eventual stab at the Presidency in six years’ time.

Dr. Walden Bello possesses all the traits enumerated above. In his various capacities as an activist, scholar, author, educator, civil society leader, intellectual, and legislator, Walden Bello has proven his worth as a leader Filipinos can trust and draw inspiration from.

We, therefore, petition Walden Bello to take up the challenge and declare his candidacy for Senator. We also call on all concerned Filipinos to join us in this historic step of presenting a genuine alternative to traditional, dynastic, and unprincipled politics.

End trapo and patronage politics!

Uphold progressive and principled politics!

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