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Petitioning Chairman, BoG, NIPER Mohali Dr. V. M. Katoch, and 3 others

Appeal against the order of dismissal & eviction of Dr. Nilanjan Roy

Dr. Nilanjan Roy, my husband and renowned scientist at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) was dismissed from service last month. All because he exposed corruption and mismanagement at the institute. 

Charges against Dr. Nilanjan Roy based on which dismissal is ordered.

 I would like to state that based on the fictitious inquiry report conducted by prejudiced inquiry officer, current officiating director imposed penalty of dismissal from service vide order no F.1-16(8)/2011/Estt./343 Dated 20/04/2012 and withdrawal of facility by subsequent office order no F.1-16(8)/2011/Estt./323 Dated 20/04/2012 with immediate effect.

Punishment imposed by officiating director on Dr. Roy is rediculous to the charges fabricated. Dismissal generally ordered for gravest of the grave act like dowry death, rape or disproportionate asset worth crores of rupees. 

Perusal of the charged framed proved the fact undoubtedly. 

I & II Attempt to embezzle money by delayed submission of TA bill, During the framing of charges there no bill outstanding, bills were settled in 2009 and charges framed in 2011. None of the witness or documents presented in the inquiry proves that Dr. Roy had delayed adjustment of TA bill intentionally; it can be merely a technical irregularity.

III Non submission of answer scripts, NIPER director and senate chairman never communicated to Dr. Roy any direction regarding disposal of the same after his complain lodged in Aug 2009 till the framing of charges.

IV Deliberately not marking attendance, charges could not sustain.

V Suspension of the class, document presented in the inquiry and deposition of witness proves conclusively that manpower assistance was absolutely necessary for the course. Ex-Dean and F&AO deliberately prevented recruitment of manpower in the pretext of funds though sufficient funds (2.10 lakhs) were available. 

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Letter to
Chairman, BoG, NIPER Mohali Dr. V. M. Katoch,
Secretary, Dept. of Pharmaceuticals. Shri. Dilsher Singh Kalha
Hon'ble MOS, Chemicals and Fertilizers Shri Srikant Jena
and 1 other
Hon'ble Minister Chemicals and Fertilizers Shri M.K.Alagiri
I just signed the following petition addressed to: DR. V. M. Katoch Chairman, BoG, NIPER Mohali. against the order of dismissal & eviction of Dr. Nilanjan Roy.

Dear Sir,
We will be grateful to you if you pay attention to our humble submissions as mentioned under,

1. Dr. Roy joined NIPER as an Assistant Professor in 2001, and based on his performance he was promoted as Associate Professor in the Department of Biotechnology w.e.f. 12.09.2006. His achievement as a NIPER faculty is as below:

a. Published over 55 research papers after joining NIPER in 2001. He has over 575 citations with h-index 14. Some of the most important papers are: Nature Genitics (Impact Factor: 34.22), PNAS (Impact Factor: 9.77), J. Aging Cell (IF: 7.14); Biochemical Journal (IF: 5.55); Med. Chem. (Impact Factor: 5.20); J. Chem. Inform. Modl. (IF: 4.5); PLos (IF: 4.44); Eukaryot Cell (IF: 3.88); Mol. Biosyst. (IF: 3.88); In Silico Biology (IF: 3.45); FEBS Letters (IF: 3.39); Analytical Biochemistry (IF: 3.34).

b. Filed 09 patents. Deposited in 09 DNA sequence International Gene Bank.

c. Introduced New Courses in Bioinformatics In Department of Biotechnology. Establishment of a new degree in discipline of Pharmacoinformatics for NIPER.

d. Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), funded his work and over Rs 258 lakhs was sanctioned as a research Grant.

e. Apart from national funding, international funding bodies such as prestigious Indo-French research grant, Indo-Portugal, Indo-Italy funding also funded his research. He is the coordinator of New-Indigo, an International consortium of scientist from India, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy awarded highly competitive New-Indigo Research grant (one of thirteen grants funded world wide).

f. His PhD students are placed in Reddy’s laboratory, Biocon, Cadila, Max Plank Institute and IISER and His master students are doing PHD in Ohio University, North Dakota, Germany, France Australia as well as well placed in industry like Panacea Biotech, Biocon, Reddy’s laboratory and Medicon

2. He is a victim of vengeance, as he did not succumb to the verbal order and directives given by officiating Director and then dean Prof(s). K. K. Bhutani and Saranjit Singh respectively and the directive was not to follow Govt. directive as prescribed in GFR 2005 in the purchase and consultancy committees.

3. Due to change of the Director Prof. P Rama Rao on 1st Jan 2010, Prof. K K Bhutani took over as officiating Director of the NIPER and he appointed Dr. Roy in six different committees including important committees like purchase committee and consultancy committee.

4. It is well known that in NIPER Mohali, all democratic functions are stage-managed at the instance of a coterie, but as a member of these committees he had carried out policy changes as a result of which a substantial saving of around Rs 40 lacs per year was made in the purchase of diesel and Rs 70 lakhs approx in ad-hoc purchase of spare parts for costly and sophisticated Lab equipments. Besides this Dr. Roy also convinced the other committees members to make payments to contract workers through Bank, which has led to not only saving for the NIPER but also in reduction of the 'Ghost' workers. One can imagine to the total amount involved in such scams in the NIPER, which has been in existence since 1995.

5. All the charges against him are fabricated and pertain to incidence happened in the year 2008. Moreover charges are discussed in details in departmental committee and statutory committee like Senate duly settled and no action was recommended against him. Charges against Dr. Roy are so flimsy, many administrative people of CSIR and IISER felt that there was no need for Inquiry committee and prolonged suspension. Suspension and inquiry were conducted for destroying Dr. Roy's scientific career, national and international projects. Suspension was totally unjustified and uncalled for.

6. 1st inquiry officer was recruited was tented and not as per CVC guideline, he excused himself when Dr. Roy pointed out the lacuna.

7. The second inquiry officer was handpicked by the coterie and not selected from a panel of eminent persons. He totally ignored the absence of the formal complaint, deposition of witnesses, documents presented and the proceedings of the departmental committees including the Senate. He signed on the dotted line as per the dictates of the coterie, without following the NIPER rules and regulations.

8. The officiating Director was required to accept/reject the findings, but with grudge and vengeance at the back of his mind, he rushed with the dismissal order, which was followed by the eviction notice issued by the Registrar totally ignoring the fact that only appointing authority can dismiss an employee govern by CCS Rule 1965.

Sir, our humble appeal to the board through you for justice and with a prayer that both the order as mentioned above be quashed along with his suspension order and his status in the NIPER be resorted with immediate effect.


Sonali Roy
W/O Dr. Nilanjan Roy

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