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Control the police or be killed like a dog next!

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First read why God  gave humanity pets! God, Human and loving pets Share Pls... Pets are loyal and designed by God to protect their owners Watch this horrific video and see a coward cop killing a dog. THEN WATCH THIS ONE but be ready its terrible and painful.  This guy should never be a  police officer because his fears and emotions are endangering both people and animals. Control the police or be killed like a dog next! See my dogs at work  and read more about the Police.  The police Academy uses traditionnaly educated cosmic unconscious psychologists who have NO clue of the word UCI or what it mean and give jobs to people who have NO business being cops! This produces corrupted or mentally ill equipped civil servants who cost us tremendeous tax dollars in litigations and legal disputes.

The coward cop was scared, the dog warned him but never attacked, he was waiting and did not know what a gun is... God's creature had no chance and, in the video, you can see the dog did not show any signs of distress or confusion if the cop would have kept his distance. But instead, the coward cop came closer and had all the time in the world to kill the wondering animal...  I know this well, my dogs behave that way with everyone... The dog thought "Stay away from my daddy, what are you doing to him, I don't really know what to do with you?" Then a loud noise and total blackness, the coward cop killed the defenseless dog! This cop MUST be removed form the force he is a danger to everyone, including loving pets!

Please sign my other petitions about police abuses. and The Declaration of Divine Cosmic Consciousness 

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