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Allow Grayson Bruce to bring his My Little Pony bag to school.


Grayson Bruce is a nine-year-old boy who likes the television cartoon, My Little Pony, a show about the magic of friendship. Grayson has unfortunately experienced anything but friendship at his school, where he is being bullied for his interest in the show. In a recent effort to address the bullying, Buncombe County Schools decided to ban Grayson from bringing his My Little Pony lunch bag to school because they deemed it a 'trigger for bullying'. 

Please sign and tell Buncombe County Schools that this decision tells Grayson that he is entirely responsible for the bullying and that is called victim blaming. Victim blaming has no place in a school's response to bullying and Grayson needs to be protected from his bullies, not held responsible for their actions.

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  • Superintendent, Buncombe County Schools
    Dr. Tony Baldwin

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