“Reproach the Ringmasters”, A choice could save a life!

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“Reproach the Ringmasters”,A choice could save a life!   

By: Sarah and Tabor  Loxodonta 


She’s so lonely, she holds her own tail!

Elephants aren’t actors or clowns. But did you know, going to circuses encourages the abuse elephants face?  We are trying to protect the Asian Elephant from the mistreatment that they are being put through daily. They are being put in horrible, unnatural places, like circuses. Asian Elephants are chained, beaten, and stabbed with bullhooks as training for your viewing pleasure. How would you feel if you were locked up in chains all day and night? What if your baby was taken away from you right when it was born? That’s the way it is for Asian Elephants in circuses. According to Natural Lives of Circus Animals, Elephants that live in the wild live over 70 years old, but Elephants that live in inhumane captivity live to only about 14 years old.  But you have a choice!  And this choice could end up saving the lives of these mistreated Asian Elephants. Choosing to Boycott circuses and instead visiting a certified zoo, puts your money in the hands of people that are educated in animal care, have studied the Asian Elephants and can protect and lengthen their life expectancy.

  What do you now think of your favorite childhood circuses now that all of their wrongdoings are coming to the surface? How do you feel knowing their is a better option? I know you're probably thinking, “Don’t some circuses have conservation centers that treat their animals respectfully as they grow older?” Yes, but take a look at what you thought wasn’t happening. Lack of exercise and the long hours standing on hard floor (cement, which makes dents in the elephant’s hooves and toenails ) are major contributors to infections and arthritis. These are two significant reasons why so many circus elephants die each year. Wouldn’t you like to choose to visit an  Asian Elephant in a setting that you know has their best interest at heart, and being cared for by people not looking to make a profit from them?


    What you’ve read is the truth! The decision we make to visit circuses instead of zoos needs to  change desperately. Let’s stop circuses from using elephants as actors by boycotting the circuses and choosing instead to invest our money in visiting certified zoos! Here’s how it works: If you don’t go to the circus, then they will not get any money. If the circus does not get any money, then they will not be able to afford to keep the animals.The elephants and other animals will go to certified zoos and sanctuaries that will treat them properly and will keep them in their natural habitat. Finally, instead of spending your money for a one time trip to a place you now know mistreats their actors, join your local certified zoo and enjoy watching well treated, healthy animals over and over… and who knows, maybe one day, with your help all Asian Elephants will be retired and you will be able to enjoy viewing them in a healthy environment at every zoo and sanctuary you visit!




We are trying to protect these Elephants, but we cannot do it without you!  


Thanks for joining hands (or trunks)  in the fight for the Asian Elephants!