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Hold the persons responsible for the years of animal cruelty and abuse in the City of Linden New Jersey.

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 The City of Linden was exposed publicly on April 15,2014 for improperly Euthnanizing Animals, not using a Scale to get the proper weight of an animal , So then can administer the proper amount of Euthanasia solution. Instead of guessing the weight and not knowing if the heart is still beating when they are put in freezer.Also to STOP the hosing of the cages while the dogs are in it and hitting them with thier own feces and urine. Also for the senseless killing of the John's family dog named CHAOS from Roselle, N.J. who was a 15yrs old and got out of his back yard and was picked up by Linden Animal Control on 09/06/2013 and brought to Rahway Animal Hospital where he was put to sleep the same day. Violating state requlations where it clearly states a stray dog must be held for 7 days to give the owner a chance to claim it. And if the animal is ill it must be given medical care to be comfortable for the 7 days. But not in Linden,N.J. We bypass the rules to save money the officals city statement is we aren't to going to waste taxpayers money on Vet bills for dogs we are going to put down in 7 days . Intenionally violating to state statue 4:22-17-A-1 and 4:19-15:16. the City states we are animal control and not an adoption center and any dog not claimed in 7 days or picked up by a rescue will be put down in 7 days and will continue to do so as per the Mayor of Linden. Servicing 6 towns any dog and cats coming to Linden animal control is almost garanuteed to DIE. THE CITY OF LINDEN HAS PROVEN OVER THE PAST 20 YRS WITH THE CONDITION OF THE KENNEL LACK OF SUPERVISION, UNCARING WORKERS WHO ARE NEVER AT THE KENNEL OR RETURN PHONE CALLS. THE SENSELESS KILLING OF COUNTLESS ANIMALS THREW THE YEARS BECAUSE OF THERE POLICY, ALSO AFTER BEING EXPOSED PULICLY AT A APRIL 2014 CITY COUNCIL MEETING THE CITY COULD NO LONGER COVER-UP WHATS GOING ON, SO THEY ORDERED AN INSPECTION OF THE KENNEL FOR ELIZABETH , NEW JERSEY WHO FOUND 23 STATE VIOLATIONS WHICH THEY FAILED TO INCLUDE 2 SERIOUS VIOLATIONS NO SCALE OR ISOLATION ROOM FOR DISEASED DOGS WHICH BRINGS THE TOTAL TO 25 STATE VIOLATIONS. ALSO IT SHOWED THAT SOMEBODY HAS BEEN FASILFYING THE YEARLY STATE CETIFICATIONS THAT THE KENNEL MEETS STATE STANDARDS FOR THE PAST 20 PLUS YEARS. THE MAYOR WILL NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST HIS EMPLOYEES AND HE STATES (OUOTE) WE HAVE ONE MAN WITH 34 YRS EXPIRENCE AND ANOTHER WITH 18 YRS IN 2 YRS.) NOR WILL HE CALL THE NJSPCA TO INVESTIGATE WHATS GOING ON. AS HE STATES DOES NOT WANT TO EMBARRASS THE CITY HIS STATEMENT ECHOS THE WORKERS OF THE KENNEL, NO CARE FOR THE ANIMALS JUST WORRIED ABOUT THE EMBARRASMENT AND THIER JOBS, NOT THE ANIMALS.                                                                                                                        THIS SHOWS THE CITY OF LINDEN HAS NO REASON TO BE IN THE ANIMAL CONTROL BUSINESS AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPEN A FACLITY AGAIN. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THAT ALL LINDEN ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER HAVE THERE STATE CERTIFICATION REMOVED AND NEVER ALLOWED TO RE-APPLY FOR THE CERTIFICATION AGAIN.

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