Save the Alabama Equestrian Team

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The University of Alabama has decided that they will no longer fund their Equestrian Team. Without funding, the Western portion of the team will be forced to rehome our team horses and find a different facility to practice out of as a club sport at the end of this school year with the Hunt Seat having to do the same at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. In the event that the team transitions to a club sport, dues and other fees will increase dramatically without the support from the University of Alabama, possibly making it unaffordable and inaccessible to current, returning and future members. There is also a good chance that the Western portion will not be able to find a facility that fits the University's guidelines and will be forced to disband, robbing members of the team who are points away from qualifying the opportunity to compete in Regionals, Semi-finals, and even Nationals. 

It would be a shame for the Western portion to have to disband as we have started to make history under the knowledgeable coaching of Emmie Christie, an accomplished horsewoman, who in just a couple of years has taken the team to a new level. Under her training, we have taken home our first-ever High Point Team ribbon, and will be sending three riders to Regionals, as well as finishing the season as fourth in the region this year. Without the support of the University of Alabama, the success of both the Western and Hunt Seat teams will inevitably be cut short.

Along with the Western and Hunt Seat team being cut from Varsity sports, the therapeutic program is also in danger. University of Alabama's therapeutic riding program plays an important part in serving the community. Currently, the program serves the Brewer-Porch Center for Children, the Capstone Village, and the RISE Center. On top of that, The School of Social Work, and Department of Human Development and Family Studies, have partnered with the program to conduct new research. Unfortunately, by discontinuing the program we will no longer be able to serve these organizations and will be unable to expand our service to the Veteran's Association. 

Despite multiple requests, the University has denied us the ability to fundraise and secure our own funds.

Riding with this team has been highly rewarding and has been the highlight of my Freshmen year of college. Having the opportunity to continue my passion for riding horses while being surrounded by amazing people with the same mindset and passion has truly been a blessing. So, it is extremely important to me that this team is allowed to continue to flourish with the support of the University of Alabama. 

With signatures and support of the public, I hope that the University of Alabama will choose to continue their support of this team. We may not be football, but we are just as important in the representation of the University of Alabama. 
Roll Tide.